Frequently Asked Questions

LapitJobs is the 1st Map Based Job Finder in the PH. You can check the job openings near your location. You can also compare and check the net salary you can take every month.

Just register your number on the APP or Website, wait for the One-Time-Pin sent to your registered mobile number, and enter it on the registration! NO PAYMENT or DOCUMENTS NEEDED!

No. LapitJobs is FREE… FOREVER.

No. Our software are tested by the most brilliant Cyber Security Officers, and are compliant with DICT, DOLE, NPC requirements for Data Privacy in accordance with RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

No. It is stated in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that we will use your information solely for the purpose of helping you find a job near you.

Yes. LapitJobs is a 100% fully Pinoy-owned software developed by some of the greatest developers in the country (yes, some of the best developers in the world are Pinoy!).

Just keep trying, refreshing the APP or opening and closing it to find newly posted job openings. Try lang ng try at wag susuko! Makikita mo din ang pinakamagandang trabaho! Yung malapit sayo!

LapitJobs is committed to keeping your privacy safe. We will use your number to let you know of incoming scheduled interviews only. LapitJobs does not promote unauthorized access of mobile numbers, as these are considered private data.

LapitJobs can be used Nationwide.

LapitJobs launched early September of 2020, launching LapitTauhan first on August, then LapitJobs after.

Yes there are jobs available for you. Just download the LapitJobs App in your Google Playstore and check the job near your location.

We have parttime options and weekend warriors. You can check that on our app.

Download the APP on Google Play Store or visit our Website on your PC Browser Register, login, and hanapin na ang Trabahong Malapit sayo!

LapitJobs can show either Private or Government Jobs. The APP has a wide variety of jobs, from Full Time, Part Time, Work from home (WFH), Online Work, or Weekend Warrior.

Yes. On the Accepted/Declined tab, you'll see if the company has approved of your application. We're sorry in advance if you got declined, but at least you'll know your results right after an interview! No more need of calling or going to their office to confirm.

You can report via 'Contact us' on your APP or Website and we'll be sure to look into it. LapitJobs does not support false information and only wants to provide the most accurate information to help our fellow Filipinos live a better life.

LapitJobs is available for applicants even with no job experience. Applying is free and easy, so why not try applying?

Work at home jobs are available in the selection if posted by the company as a WFH listing.

If the Job Post is still open, then the company is still hiring. The Job Opening will disappear if the company deletes it.

For senior high school applicants who are looking into Part Time, please set the filter to 'Part Time' to see only Part Time jobs.

Earning money through saving transportation costs and having more time for extra rackets is what you earn from using and taking advantage of LapitJobs.

Currently, LapitJobs is available only in the Philippines. If you're an OFW and you want to find work in the Philippines, you can ask your family member or relative to download LapitJobs and look for one there.

For now, we are only available in Google Playstore but we are currently working on opening our apps on Appstore and Huawei Store so you too can use the app to search for a job.

Nope, you just have to create an account using your mobile number or email address. It's easy right? Download now!

Yes, LapitJobs is for every Filipinos anywhere in the Philippines.

You can go to your profile and look for the Account Settings option. From there, you will see the deactivate section. You will lose your access to your account once you deactivate, so be careful!

You can ask to reactivate your account by sending us an email of request for reactivation. Our support will get back at you once your request has been approved.
Support Email: [email protected]