Know More About Us

For a couple of years now, APPScape Corporation (APPScape) has been developing software that aims to help the Filipino People have a better quality of life through technology.

APPScape was started as a family business who started in the food and logistics industry. While seeing computer technology flourish and its acceptance rate for all levels of living in the Filipino, APPScape was built to cater to that. The family thought that technology would be the current fastest way to bring help and convenience in the daily life of a Filipino.

Starting the team off with the family as the management team, and three of the Philippines’ most talented software coders – a backend, frontend, and UI/UX team, APPScape has built a its flagship software, LapitJobs. With this software, Filipinos can find work that’s nearest to them, know immediately the offer for the job – and calculate their estimated transportation and tax fees at the end of the month, and even schedule interviews that don’t require them to go right from the beginning of the hiring process. These were the problems that we thought, during the family’s stint at the food industry, was giving a hard time to those who didn’t have much of a choice when it comes to finding work just to put food at the table.

Using this flagship software and the culture we have built over the years, we will continue developing software that helps people uplift their quality of life at their own place, time, and only at the tip of their fingers.